While visiting the Ramos family in Miami we stopped at an abandoned train for a creative and spontaneous photo shoot. The train was rusty orange and yellow, and the industrial warehouses surrounding the area offered a nice backdrop.

Lynne Ramos was the photographer that day and she is the owner of Somar Photography. Lynne is passionate about photography. She lives and breathes behind her lens. Before she graduated from the Art Institute of Miami we were fortunate enough to have her shoot our wedding. I will show you those images some day, but for not enjoy the shots below.

In these photos you will see us seizing the last bit of daylight before the sun went down.

My husband always says “you can’t go on doing the same thing and expect different results.”

For three married years we have talked about, thought about, laughed about and cried about writing a blog together. We have stewed over the content we would create – videos, podcasts, blog posts – and the topics we would address – exotic travel, extreme sports, unorthodox business techniques, food and entertainment.

We had a million good ideas – and we have yet to seize a single one.


You could say there have been a number of culprits: school, careers, families, Hulu, each other. Essentially life just consumed us. The sun would rise, the sun would set and an entire blogless week would flash before our eyes.

Not anymore.

We’re trying something different. We’re trying to yield different results by living a life that involves doing the things we want to do. We’re tired of talking about it! We’re only on this earth for a moment, so there’s no better time than now to Kurpe Diem and seize the day!